Low Carb High Fat Diet Day 2

This weight loss is crazy! I am not hungry and have good energy but my weight and my fat content are dropping and I haven't exercised since monday!

More exciting is the fact that my visceral fat has already dropped to 9 - something which has only happened in the past when I am in final stages of triathlon training and going alcohol free.

One challenge is cooking from fresh all the time - I have a great respect for my wife now as it is hard to cook when you have come in late from a meeting or work and you have to prepare food after the kids have gone to bed. Still the food prep is minimal and the food is delicious - last night we had salmon in chilli sauce with spinach sauteed in butter - really yummy.

I also boiled some eggs for snacks and have prepared to make more snacks with bacon wrapped haloumi cheese. I can't get on with what the diet is calling "bulletproof coffee" which is coffee and butter and coconut oil whisked into a latte.. it just doesnt taste right so have stuck to black coffee and sometimes with cream.

Another challenge is a work event over dinner tonight so I have read up on what I can and can't eat to make sure I don't undo the days work.

There were more comments on facebook today about this and the scales:

I will let you know how I get on..

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