Low Carb High Fat Diet Day 1

Weight already falling and fat content too!

On day 1 I felt a little high in the morning at work, similar to the positive rush of excitement you get when you've heard good news of a new opportunity or had a success or booked that holiday you can now look forward to. I ran one of my fastest times into work and I felt good energy levels and liked how this felt.

I didn't get hungry till later in the day thanks to a fry up breakfast and coffee with cream.

I felt I could have gone without lunch, then around 14:30 felt a little hungry so ate last nights dinner for lunch as per the diet recommendation. Then I felt some low carb side effects as my digestion got to work, brain fog, lightheadedness and slight confusion so I drank a cup of swiss bouillon stock and this went away.

I didn't feel hungry later in the evening until around 1930 (very unusual for me who feels hungry and has to eat every 2-3 hours). The food was delicious quick and easy to cook.

I got "Keto breath" early on as I ran to work, so I know I'm already a fat burning machine..

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