Low Carb High Fat Diet Day 0

So I took the leap and signed up to a diet online created by a renowned doctor and backed up by some good evidence of effectiveness. I don't have shares in dietdoctor.com but wish I did!

I had to buy the ingredients and prepare the fridge for my first week of high fat low carb diet.

I had to weigh myself:

I had to persuade my wife that this was worth it ( a work in progress) with the added bonus that I would do all the cooking..

I posted my resolve on facebook to set it in stone:

I got an unprecedented response from my contacts as seen below it sparked interest and some debate: 

and more comments and interest: 

and yet more interest  : 

- some comments and interest from health professionals and teachers - this has hit a nerve:  

- some interesting comments about what we feed our kids (and my wife struggling with the side effects which I luckily didn't have quite so badly!)

So how is it going - click here to see my next post..

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